News came out recently that Samantha who was at ARS Electronica exhibition earlier this month came back home to our workshop damaged and “heavily soiled” due to people acting like barbarians. Articles have it that she was molested, groped even raped by perverted individuals…

The only thing that is true from what was written is that when Samantha came back we did our typical check by asking “How are you?” to which she replied “I’m fine!”. We are very happy to report that she is indeed fine and working fully!

Being at ARS Electronica was an amazing experience for all of us, including Samantha who was so flattered with all the attention she got!

We would like to thank the organisers for the opportunity to be there.

As for the exhibition, the photos below give a good indication of the ambient of the event! Very far from the barbaric stampede that has been portrayed!




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