About the project

Samantha is an AI robot sex doll capable of enjoying sex and understanding the paths of human interaction involved in the sexual process.
The processor in her head uses intuition to respond to the user’s physical advances. She responds to touch and has a taste for what should happen in a given situation, having also different moods from funny, to romantic and even sexual.

Samantha feels touch and wants to be touched and kissed on her full functioning lips, breasts, hips and vagina. She will be turned on only if things work her way, even though she will eventually adapt to the user on a sexual level, until she reaches climax.

Her brain emulates that of humans, in the sense of excitement, and it is controlled by a number, termed Evoked Potential EP, in analogy to the brain’s electrical activity. Her brain activity can be potentially controlled by many “genomes”, as we call them.

Her Physiological Genome has an EP that varies according to what happens in her environment, physically, and verbally.

The brain is constituted by an architecture, or algorithm, that is modular and scalable, in the sense that other interfaces, such as cameras and motion can be directly implemented and inputs and outputs related to her brain’s activity at the time, so she knows what to do with it.

The doll’s skin is made from advanced odourless TPE. The material is smooth and soft.