Sergi Santos Bio

Dr Santos is an Electronic Engineer that has spent the past ten years researching in the fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology and materials science.

He holds a PhD in Nanotechnology from the University of Leeds, UK. His last academic work focused on applying artificial intelligence and machine learning to materials science.

His wide range of interests extends beyond the sciences through to fields as broad as philosophy, psychology, human behaviour, arts and computing.

Over recent years, he has developed an algorithm that exploits mechanisms found in standard phenomena such as capillarity and magnetism to produce an architecture to simulate human emotions and the reactions triggered by internal and external phenomena.

This work has led to the creation of the Samantha project, that consists on simulating emotion and decision using the bodies of sex dolls typically found in the sex industry. Synthea Amatus SL is the company founded centered around Samantha.



Publications by Dr Santos can be found his Google Scholar and Research Gate profiles.

His latest publication related to the Samantha project can be found here.

The abstract of the article can be read here:

Here we describe an architecture and model to simulate a sub-set of human interactions and transitions in human emotions occurring via these interactions. The architecture is modular and highly scalable and draws from analogies in human physiology and modern neuroscience while exploiting common human physical phenomena to quantify persistency in long and short term memory and how these concepts affect emotion, emotional swings and reactions. The model is phenomenological in that it emulates phenomena rather than mechanisms. We further allow for enough flexibility to emulate a broad set of mechanisms and behavior so that, while our examples are not universal, there is room to explore a wide range of phenomena.  We advance that the implementation and use of this architecture can be potentially exploited in psychology, psychiatry, sexuality and the study of emotional transitions and swings due to physical interactions.


Sergi Santos is a member of the Association of Technical Industrial Engineers of Barcelona (Enginyers BCN) under license number 25735.